Presale Sold out! Public Launch LIVE NOW!
Who are we?

Our goal in building Crypto Cadets is to bring together traditional profile picture NFTs in combination with creative utilities, to benefit our holders as the project evolves! We want to bring Crypto Cadets into the Metaverse and expand this concept, as our project continues to grow. Our developers have always been strong supporters of the Armed Forces, and have recognized an amazing opportunity to cultivate a like-minded community and support a cause greater than ourselves. The charities used to implement this vision will be voted on by the community. Our team of developers are inspired to be a part of the web 3.0 development and make an impact in the world by combining art with innovative solutions to achieve our goals.


Public Launch February 20 0.49 Solana

We want to reward our holders and will be giving away $500 to a lucky Cadet who holds our NFT for 10 days after all Cadets have been minted!

Cadets that rank up in the discord chat will have access to pre-sale whitelist and giveaways!

Crypto Cadets NFT's will be equipped with a variety of over 100 unique traits! 

Everyone is welcome in the Crypto Cadet community! We look forward to hosting charity events to donate to a cause of your choice! Crypto Cadets want to make a lasting impression!


Attention Cadets! Check out our litepaper for more Information regarding our future plans, we can’t wait to take over the metaverse with you!


Our minting price will be .3 Solana for the pre-sale and .49 Solana for the public launch. We will do our best to deploy a strategy that is fair for all of our soldiers to mint their Cadets!

The presale will be live December 14th 5 PM CST time and the public launch will be live December 16th 5PM CST

Crypto Cadets is a collection of 1500 programmatically generated NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Each one is 1 of 1 out of over 100 Trillion possible combinations! Randomly generated through 100 different Assets.

We have a lot in the works for the future of Crypto Cadets, including: Metaverse Integration, Gaming Partnerships, & Giveaways. The rest of the fate will be decided upon YOU.

You will be able to mint a maximum of 5 Cadets to your wallet

Yes minting will take place on this website and this website only. Be sure you join the discord to stay up to date!

Reach out to us on discord and twitter! Links above under developers. Our developers will never reach out to you first without permission! We are always active in discord so come by and chat!

Phantom is preferred but our contract can accept Slope, Solflare, and Sollet (and extension) wallets. Here is the link to make your own phantom wallet!


General of the Cadets

Founder / Web and NFT developer


Co-Founder, Cadet designer and Head of Marketing.


Web Developer and marketing consultant. 6 years of experience in web development.

General Bob

Community Manager for the Cadets